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Special Order Supplies (9001) CD-R w/slim case DVD-RW w/jewel case
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Recordable CD for use in CD writers only. A recordable CD (CD-R) can only be recorded on one time.

80 minute length.
Permanent write-once format, unalterable data.
Store, share, back up or archive your valuable photo images, music, video and multimedia files.
Up to 52x recording speed.
700MB capacity.
10 CD's per pack.
Sold by the individual CD.
DVD-RW Rewritable Disc, 4.7GB, 2 hrs video.

4.7GB/120 minute capacity
Rewritable format
DVD-RW features 4.7GB capacity and 1X-4X recording speed and comes in jewel cases
Superior archival life
Discs come packaged in a jewel case.

10 DVD's per pack.
Sold by the individual DVD.

Limited availability on the DVD-RW.
We will be switching to DVD+RW once the DVD-RW are sold out.

CD-RW w/jewel case Flash Drive - 8GB USB 3.0 (0494) 4GB flash drive
CD-RW w/jewel case.

700 MB storage capacity.
12x maximum write speed.
80 minutes maximum recording time.
10 CD's per pack.
Sold by the individual CD.
8GB USB flash drive. Store and transfer documents, presentations, music, video and more.
Colors are randomly assigned to each order.
For a limited time.This item comes only in black
Sold by the individual flash drive.
5 flash drives/pack
16GB bootable USB flash drive.

WSU Logo
Capless design with rotating USB connector.
Fully compatible with USB 2.0.
Easy plug and play installation.
Comes with a 17 inch black lanyard.
CD-R spindle DVD-R spindle
CD-Recordable Discs, 700MB, 80 Minute, 50/spindle.

50 CD-R's per spindle.
80 minute length.
Write once format.
Optical-grade polycarbonate base protects data.
Compatible with all CD-ROM drives.
Includes data code for recommended laser writing power.
Sold by the spindle.
DVD-R Spindle, 4.7GB, 16X, 120-Minute, 50/Pk

50 DVD's per pack.
120 minute length.
Write-once format.
Ideal for data-intensive, high-performance, write-once data storage.
Holds 7 times more data than CD-R.