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Special Order Supplies (9001) Name tags - adhesive WSU Self-adhesive name tags
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The template to this items is available @ http://webs.wichita.edu/?u=supplyservices&p=/nametags/
Adhesive name tags with gold border. 2.34" width x 3.37" length. Self-adhesive (removable). Laser or inkjet. 2 name tags per sheet. 100 name tags per pack. Sold by the pack.

This item will be discontinued when sold out.
Name Badge Insert Refills, 3" x 4" (0050) Hanging name tags
Avery clip, hanging, and pin style name badges refills. Refill resupplies Avery Name Badge Kits so you can make more professional-looking name badges with inkjet or laser printers. Each sheet is microperforated to tear cleanly, leaving smooth edges. Avery offers many easy-to-use templates for Microsoft Word and other popular software programs.

7.6 mil thick.
4" width x 3" length.
Laser, Inkjet.
6 inserts per sheet / 300 inserts per box.
Sold by the box.

This item will be discontinued when sold out.
3" x 4" hanging style name tags.

Clear plastic holders include inserts.
Perforated sheets feed through any laser or inkjet printer. 50 name tags per box.
Sold by the box.